Common Questions

How many men are permitted to write to the one lady?

To reduce competition, it is club policy that after a particular ladies address has been given out 5 times, her photo will be taken off the internet. However, it should be remembered that often a man will write to more than one lady at a time and can’t marry them all. Also after the initial letter they sometimes stop writing to each other. Apart from those things it may be a year before a man decides to take a trip, and he may end up not choosing the lady when he actually meets her. So considering all things, and that more ladies are added regularly to the site, the competition is not that great. However, if you are really keen on a lady and you would rather no additional mean write to her for up to 1 year, you can to pay an extra $100 per lady for that service. Just let us know by E-mail: and we will arrange you to pay for that additional service by credit card.

How long before I can expect a response from lady?

On an average mail takes about 4 to 5 weeks to receive a response due to the slow postal system in the Philippines. However, some ladies have access to email or have mobile phones. If they live in more remote mountain provincial areas mail can take about 6 to 7 weeks as the mailman may leave the letters with other people who live in the area to deliver. Sometimes mail goes astray, so it’s a good idea to follow up with another letter or write regularly so lady does not lose confidence and think you are not interested. If there is not a reply to the first letter, a standard follow up form is available asking the lady if she received the first letter and whether she would like to respond.

How well do they understand English?

Usually quit well, as they are taught English at School when they are young. They are however used to the American accent. They find the Australian accent a little difficult; you may have to speak slower and repeat yourself sometimes, until they get used to it.

How do I know if the ladies are still available?

The forms have been filled out by the ladies in the Philippines as a result a form distribution or because of a friend / relative giving them a copy. Often, I receive forms that have been photocopied. I receive new forms throughout the year, and because I have been distributing forms for about twelve years, I often have no idea how they come to be copied and filled out.

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing on a day to day basis whether the ladies circumstances, address, or interest has changed. And it is far too costly to continually write letters and find out unless I am particularly requested to do so(by email). However if a person would like to find out if a lady is definitely still available, BEFORE they pay for a one year membership, they can send a standard form through the club, at a cost of $5 (Australian) per form, and see what replies are received. In fact, they are free to keep doing this until they decide they would like to join and pay the $425 (Australian) membership fee.

However, they can only have access to the ladies addresses when they pay the membership fee. That is the reason I only give out a 1 year membership and give access to 10 ladies per month. If per chance, a lady has changed address, or for some other reason it is found that she is no longer available, there are always more ladies registering to whom you can write. The more recent the registration, the more likely the lady is still available.

Are the ladies genuine, or are they just wanting to use men to get out of the country?

It has been my experience since starting the club that by far the majority of these ladies are sincere in regards to marriage. Most of them a Catholics, and look upon marriage as permanent. Since I started this club, there have been over 50 marriages, and only two marriages where the couples have separated. Of the 2 marriages that did not work, the girls appeared sincere with good intentions. However, I particularly recommend ladies who have conservative values. Often you can tell the sincerity of a lady while you are writing, especially if they have never had a boyfriend before because of their idealistic view of marriage

What about age difference?

The age gaps between have ranged from about 15 to 20 years difference, and has not appeared to have been an issue. In my case, I am 17 years older than my wife ,and it has not been an issue. The age cap between other couples have been up to 20 years or more and not appeared to have been an issue. It’s all individual and there is no set rule. The issue is more to do with how you treat each other in the relationship.

What if I have additional questions or need further advice?

You may ring me in Australia (Keith) on 61 O8 93619671 Best time between 8 and 9 pm in evening Australian time. OR ring on my mobile during working hrs: 041 3000 180

E-mail address: