Before the man visits you in the Philippines

Most men who decide to participate in this club and make a trip to the Philippines are sincere, and just want to settle down and get married, but if you are unsure about the man’s character, you should  not initially meet him alone, but have someone with you. At some stage you make sure he does not use drugs or has a drinking problem.

You also need to be sincere and marry for love, and not just marry anybody, so you can to go overseas. It is a dangerous practice, and makes men hurt, very angry, and sometimes violent.

Before you get married

Before you actually get married its probably it’s a good idea that you ask your partner to have a medical test to make sure he is free from any sexually transmitted disease.

You should not assume all foreigners are rich

A lot of Filipino ladies are very happy to be married to foreigner, because they have a higher standard of living compared to the Philippines, and  prefer to live overseas because they have more money to spend. However, that does not mean that people overseas don’t still have to watch there budget, because even though wages are higher and everyone has a car and a house expenses are also higher. In overseas countries usually both couples work, and that makes it easier financially. It is therefore recommended that the filipino wife works so that they can afford to sometimes send money to help your family. This saves putting pressure on you husbands finances, because most people are still paying off there large houses. Food is also expensive. There is also plenty of opportunity to find some sort of job. However, if the man is on a high salary you may not need to work. Each situation is different.