Hi there, I am the owner of this pen writing club.  Before I explain how I can help you find a Filipino wife, let me tell you how I started in this type of business. When I was 41 years of age, I had the pleasure of having a Filipino girlfriend, who was living over here. We cared for each other but unfortunately she was not ready for marriage, so we departed as friends.


During this time, through her contacts here and in the Philippines, we were able to build up a pen writing club, which involves itself in facilitating correspondence between Australian gentlemen and Filipino Ladies with a view to marriage. Since then I have continued to develop this club, and now have on file over 1000 photographs and details of Filipino Ladies. I have since married through my own club, and feel that I am therefore able to give some advice to others as they pursue their new adventure.

The experience I had with my girlfriend highlighted a problem that affects many men in Australia who are seeking marriage, particularly men who are over 30 years of age. They go to clubs, dances, discos, pubs searching for a partner, only to find that a lot of women don’t really seem to be interested in pursuing much beyond a friendship. Very few seem to be interested in marriage. Some men take it rather too personally and lose confidence. Some give up trying.

The question that begs asking is WHY?  Why do so many women, particularly over 25 years of age, seem to be lack of interest in marriage? I now propose to shed some light on the answer to that question, and give you some hope and suggestions as to what we can do about it. One of the reasons for the lack of interest from the ladies, apart from enjoying friendship, is because a lot of them have had the unfortunate experience of a marriage breakup (the old saying: once bitten, twice shy could apply here). Maybe their husbands did not appreciate them, or possibly they caused problems themselves; either way they are now likely to have a negative view of the subject of marriage.

Secondly, many Western women now no longer feel the same need for marriage. The sole parent pension in sense acts as a substitute provider. Most also have children, and thus have already been fulfilled in this area. They are emotionally involved with their children and experience the sense of being loved and needed.  Many women also are able to lean on other women to meet their emotional needs and need for intimacy, sharing, communication etc. And of course, many own their homes.

It is to some extent understandable that after having been in a bad marriage and now having had a taste of ‘freedom and independence’ they have lost interest in marriage.  Especially, if they think that they can still have male companionship, friendship and perhaps even sexual intimacy without the commitment and strings attached. So why get married anymore? Why give, when you can get it all. Subsequently, many women end up keeping men on emotional tender hooks while the relationship goes no further, or they enter into casual relationships with guys who don’t care much and are happy to use the opportunity to gratify sexual needs. Needless to say, all the above makes for a rather dismal scenario for men who are sincerely interested in marriage, and want to find that special caring, loving and devoted partner/ friend/ lover for life.

                 HOW TO ACHEIVE YOUR GOAL

Let me now give you some hope and tell you about aay to achieve your goal of finding that special person. As I said before, I have over 1000 photographs and details of Filipino ladies on file who ARE interested in marriage. The reason they are interested is because we have everything to offer them as far as marriage candidates. Our standard of living is higher, we have jobs, larger houses and we can give them security, which every woman looks for when considering marriage.

By the way, wanting security does not always equate with a materialistic attitude as some might suppose. A lot of ladies simply want to be sure that you will be able to support, take care of them and their children. Remember that no one wants to jump on a sinking ship and it’s difficult in the Philippines to find a man who can provide this security because of high unemployment and no unemployment benefit. As a result, a lot of ladies over 30 are still single have not had children.

We are also more interesting to them because we come from a foreign country, and they tend to look upon us as though we were famous or some celebrity. They like white skin and we are generally taller, and so there is a physical appeal. They also tend to be less concerned with age, and generally prefer men who are responsible, in contrast to younger men, who may also lack experience in knowing how to deal with a woman in an understanding way. This admiration combined with the respect is an essential ingredient in any healthy husband/wife relationship.

Filipino women also tend to look at character, and whether you are a nice person on the inside. Family moral standards are generally higher in the Philippines, most of them are Catholic, and they tend to look upon marriage as permanent. However, it is wise to ensure you choose those who come from good backgrounds, often found in the provinces, or among those with a more conservative attitude. By conservative I don’t mean dull or boring, but am talking here about a person with good family and ethical values, in contrast to the wrong type of Filipino lady, who are often found in pubs and discos. Going to the wrong places in the Philippines to find a wife often results in hard luck stories, which a number of Australian men would be able to relate to you. As I mentioned before, the sincere, loyal, un-materialistic type of attitude is most likely to be found in the provinces or among those with conservative values.

Writing letters can be a good way of accessing the character and motives of people without the risk of becoming emotionally involved too early, which often clouds our judgment when it comes to selecting a suitable partner. If the ladies concerned can see that you are of good character in your letters it makes it easier for them to make their decision. They are influenced by what you say about yourself. Honesty is obviously the best policy here; be truthful about yourself or it will not work and backfire. But be positive, by all means. Nobody is perfect, but we all possess certain strengths and qualities that can make us more desirable in the eyes of the opposite sex.


If you are interested in looking at all the photographs and details of the ladies including hobbies, character, interests etc, you may do so at my house by making an appointment. There is no obligation to join and it will give me the opportunity to explain things to you in more detail. Its FREE to join filipinobrides for six months. Just go to the Men join now page on the website.

 I suggest you write to at least five ladies a number of times. Then,  after you have established a ‘relationship’ by letter and/or phone calls, plan a holiday for a number of weeks. Whilst staying at your hotel in the Philippines you can arrange for the ladies tocome and see you on different days. This is a better idea than visiting them in their homes initially because they can find you more easily than you can find them. You are also in a better position to entertain them and therefore more in control. Marriage to a Filipino lady is not afar fetched idea because it is only a relatively short trip by plane. What you spend on airfares you will easily save on accommodation in the Philippines.

If any of this knowledge has been enlightening to you, let me say that there is more to come if you decide to join the club and my wife and I will be here to guide and help you for one whole year. Also, anybody that marries through my club can become a member of my social club which consists of Australian men who are married to Filipino ladies and participate in any social events I arrange from time to time. These events will enable you wife to meet other Filipino ladies who are married to Australian men and assist her in making new friendships and finding support from those of similar cultural background. I am sincerely interested in helping you achieve your goal and am very confident of success. I know well what it is like to be a single, having been one myself for 40 years and it’s my pleasure to help others to fulfil their dreams. It takes effort, but do nothing and nothing happens. We make it our priority to provide you with the best opportunity to find that special someone that you are really suited to.

Please feel free to arrange an appointment to see me if you would like things explained a bit more fully or just phone for a chat. My mobile is 041 3000 180. I can tell you how I personally participated in my own club. You might even wish to view the video I recorded of my own visit to the Philippines when I first met my wife. She is a good lady from one of the provinces, and we are very happily married and now have two children. She is a wonderful housekeeper and has a serving attitude towards me. She is loving, caring and understanding. We love each other. By the way, I was 44 years of age when I got married and she was 27. I can also refer you to other men who were married through my club if you desire additional input. Also as part of your membership I will assist you in regard to marrying in the Philippines, travel and accommodation as well as give you other general advice.